From Indiana to Chicago.

We are a Chicago cidery making heritage cider at our orchard in Gary, Indiana. We’re an orchard-based cidery, meaning that we grow and press our own apples for all of our ciders. We grow more than 60 varietals of heirloom cider apples, including a mix of American, English, French, and Spanish bittersweets and bittersharps.


All the apples.

We have over 400 trees, including 60+ varietals of cider and crab apples. In addition to traditional American and English varietals (e.g., Albemarle Pippin, Ashmead’s Kernel, Dabinett, Kingston Black, etc.), we also grow a number of French and Spanish varietals, adding to the complexity of our cider blends (and leaving the door open for future brandy and “sidra” style cider aspirations). We also have one Barland pear tree.


Behind the scenes

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