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We are a Chicago cidery making heritage cider at our orchard in Gary, Indiana.

We’re an orchard-based cidery, meaning that we grow and press our own apples for all of our ciders. We grow more than 60 varietals of heirloom cider apples, including a mix of American, English, French, and Spanish bittersweets and bittersharps. While our fledgling orchard is still getting off the ground, we supplement production by sourcing heirloom cider apples from some of our generous neighbors in the Midwest, including Nichols Farm & Orchard and McClure’s Orchard.

We play the long game at Overgrown Orchard, starting with high-acid and high-tannin fruit and letting time do the rest. Our best skill is our hands-off approach—exercising minimal intervention while letting the cider lead the way. We get complexity from apple and yeast selection, and balance from micro-oxidation and blending. Our ciders are aged for a minimum of eight months, mostly in neutral French oak barrels. As a result, our ciders tend to have a more vinous quality, and less of the “appley” flavor you get from young ciders. Our ciders are unfiltered and unpasteurized.

While we love drinking fruit ciders, we make very few adjunct-based ciders. One exception is our coffee cider, Tilt, driven by our love for coffee (and our collaboration partner, Dark Matter Coffee), and inspired by the many delicious coffee ciders we’ve had at GBH’s Uppers & Downers festival over the years. Our ciders are all fermented to dry, and are never back-sweetened. All of our carbonated ciders are bottle conditioned.


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Hopewell Brewing’s Act Natural Festival

After diving into the world of natural wine, the team at Hopewell Brewing Co. found themselves fascinated by the parallels in flavor, fermentation and approach to wild beer. Thus Act Natural, the inaugural festival exploring the intersection of wild beer and natural wine, was born.


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